If we want to integrate the data thrown by the OpenALPR plate reading or if we simply want to manage our own server, it is necessary to install it. The minimum requirements are shown below:

  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 250GB SSD Hard Drive.
  • Dual core CPU or higher.
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 64-bit or higher. (Click here to download)

Boot Ubuntu Server from a USB memory

Note: if you are going to virtualize Ubuntu Server, skip this step and continue with the Ubuntu Server Instalation (18:04) 

For this we need the Universal USB Installer software. (Click to download)

  1. We select the operating system.
  2. We select the ISO image.
  3. We select the unit of memory.
  4. We click to créate the installation unit.

Installing Ubuntu Server (18.04)

Note: To install Ubuntu Server it is necessary to have access to the internet and this must not be restricted. The installation is only with keyboard.

Select the language and press the ENTER key

We identify the configuration of our keyboard (Latin American Spanish) and we give ENTER in Hecho.

We select Install Ubuntu and we give ENTER.

We confirm the network interface that we are going to use and we give ENTER in Done.

We omit the proxy part and give ENTER in Done.

We select the option Use An Entire Disk so that Ubuntu Server takes the space of the hard disk for its file system, then we give ENTER.

We select the disc and we give ENTER on it.

We confirm the summary by giving ENTER in Done and then in Continue

We fill in the following information and we give ENTER in Hecho.

When the installation is finished, it will ask to restart the server, for this it is necessary to give ENTER in Restart now.

Finally, it will ask us to remove the installation memory, after removing it we will give ENTER.

Update Ubuntu Server

When you start, you will ask for a username and password (the ones we created in the installation).

When we have already logged in, we execute the following code.

sudo apt update

After this, he will ask us for the password again, we type it and we give ENTER.

We wait for you to finish updating the repositories.

Then we execute the following code.

We will ask for confirmation to continue, we just type the letter S and then ENTER.

sudo apt upgrade

We will ask for confirmation to continue, we just type the letter S and then ENTER.

Install OpenALPR Server

To start the installation we must execute the following code:

bash <(curl https://deb.openalpr.com/install)

Select the install_webserver option by pressing the SPACE key (an asterisk must be placed in that option to confirm that it is selected), then to continue, press ENTER.

He will ask us to continue, we type the letter Y.

Then it will ask for the password of the root user of the database (MySQL), by default it does not have, then we only give ENTER

It will ask us to create the Super Admin account for our system, the information required is the following:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

At the end a message will appear: Instalation Complete

If we access the IP address of our server from a web browser we should see the following: (this will indicate that it was installed correctly)

To know the IP address of the server we execute the following command:


Example of the result:

To check the connection to the database, we started session:

With this, the OpenALPR server will be installed.

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