To virtualize any operating system we must first have software that allows it, in this article we will use VirtualBox, we can download it by clicling here.

También necesitaremos la imagen ISO de Ubuntu Server, la cual se puede descargar by clicking here.

Once the software is installed, we execute it. The following window will appear:

We will clic on New.

Then a window will appear where we will name the virtual machine. In the type option we place Linux and in version we place Ubuntu (64-bit). Then click on Next.

We will select a reasonable size of RAM for this virtual machine, then click on Next

Select the option Create a virtual hard disk now, then click on Create

We select VDI as the type of hard disk file, then click Next

We select Reserved dynamically and click Next

Move the bar to give it a disk size, then click on Create

We select the virtual machine and click on Settings

We position ourselves in the network option, and in the option that says Connected to: we place the bridge adapter and in the name option we select the network interface that our virtual machine (Ethertnet or Wifi) will use.

The option name may vary the options, since the drivers of several computers are called different.

Then we position in Storage, click where it says Empty and then click on the disk icon

We click on Select virtual optical disk file ...

We search and select the ISO image of Ubuntu Server that we download, then we click on Open

After this the virtual machine will be already configured, we click on OK

Now we only select the virtual machine and click on Start

With this we can start to install Ubuntu Server

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