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Sure-Fi - Applications, Project Examples
Sure-Fi - Applications, Project Examples

It can be used in 99% of projects, but let's talk about examples ...

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Sure-Fi transmitters can communicate 1 mile across any Construction, Material, EVERYTHING.

You can link up to 50 miles in Line of Sight.

Remote Control (Like a Wireless Relay / Switch)

We can use it as a remote control to control any equipment that requires a dry contact (relay, switch, switch).

  • Open a remote door

  • Connect a sensor

  • Activate a siren

  • Turn on a light, engine

Send Wiegand + Exit Button + Magnetic Lock

We could also connect a tourniquet, vehicle barrier, any lock remotely.
The access controller can be on the site.

Access Control in Any Project

There is no limit with SureFi.
We can cover hundreds of doors, leaving the access controller hidden, without requiring wiring.

Connect Sensors

Any Sensor can be connected and transmitted with Sure-Fi

The previous photo was taken at the CitiBanamex Center (in Mexico City). We had a Sure-FI Transmitter inside the Center and we walked to the end of the parking lot, we had full coverage in all areas (Underground Parking, Elevators and Outdoor Parking).

The following example shows a reader opening a safe. The access controller is located on the site:

In this example, a vehicular access with a keyboard is shown, it is avoided to wire everything to the door and the readers:

The following is an example of a Wireless Button:

A reader with a remote password, all control is performed on the wirelessly communicated access controller:

Wireless buttons for opening doors:

Connection to ZKTeco Access Controller totally wireless.

The Sure-FI even inside the metal cabinet:


This is the case of a reader installed in a forklift that allows controlling who turns it on and at what time it was vacated by that person. The reader communicates wirelessly to a controller.

Emergency stop button of a backup power plant

In this example it was used to transmit the emergency stop to the backup plant. Wiring hours were avoided since the plant is in a basement and the pipeline to the site is highly complex.

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